Antony Cummins MA was born in Lancashire, England and has a degree in Ancient History and Archaeology and a Masters Degree in Archaeology, both of which were obtained at the Victoria University of Manchester. Antony is also a published author, historian, artist, illustrator and TV co-host.
Overall, some of his greatest moments have included; searching Japan for the hidden history of the ninja and interviewing some of the most prominent figures in ninja history, living with the Tonga people of Ghana, Africa to establish a correct chronology and proven historical culture for the tribe as part of the Archaeological team under Professor T. Insoll, sailing the Tall Ship Royalist as Bosun for the Sea Cadet Corps of Britain, including the 2008 Tall Ships Race.


Antony currently lives between England and Japan and is in the process of translating a myriad of Japanese manuals with his co-author Yoshie Minami.  




"Antony Cummins is a samurai of the mind: he cuts through myth to reveal the truth."

- John Man, Author


Antony Cummins氏は日本の武士や忍者について新たな視点から精力的に研究している、現在最も注目すべき人物です。三重大学において忍者研究を行っている私も大変刺激を受けています。

“Antony Cummins is one of today’s most notable researchers who is rigorously conducting research on the Japanese samurai and ninja. This he is doing so from a fresh viewpoint. As an academic researching the ninja at Mie University here in Japan, I have been deeply stimulated by his work.”


- Professor Yamada Yuji Mie University.


"One of the most exciting scholars in his field, Antony Cummins has successfully built on a detailed knowledge of his subject to become both a leading authority and a skilled communicator. He has an unswerving ability to make history fresh and vivid, while staying grounded in meticulous research - a rare gift."


- Jonathan Elliot, Documentary Film Maker.


"Antony Cummins is one of the new explorers leading the charge in his generation. You will enjoy reading Antony's conculsions based on his throughly researched revelations and reflections of who the ninja were in history and why that history is so important to all of us pursuing strategy in the martial arts today."


- Stephen K. Hayes, Black Belt Hall of Fame.


"It was totally unexpected that I was requested to write a foreward for the ninjutsu densho, the Shoninki, the book True Path of the Ninja by Mr. Antony Cummins of England and Ms Yoshie Minami of Japan, and I would like to say that it was a pleasure to write a few words for their book."


- Otake Risuke, Shihan or Teaching Master of the Tenshin Shoden Katori Shinto-Ryu


"I would like to express my sincere respect and gratitude to Antony Cummins and Yoshie Minami for fulfilling the translation of the Shoninki, the secret account of Ninjutsu in English, and for Tuttle Publishing, who took the decision for this notable feat."


- Dr A. Nakashima, Author of "The Ninjutsu Densho - Shoninki"


"Another great book with hidden treasures from Cummins & Minami. Reading what historical ninja had up their sleeves is more compelling than any movie will ever be."


- John Wate, Director